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Advert (Express Consent)

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Land lying to the west of Angel Lane, Stratford, London, E15 1AA (Location Map)

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Application for advertisement consent comprising the illuminated display of Sphere building and LED displays located on the podium, lift cores and bridge links This proposal is accompanied by a detailed application seeking full planning permission for a new entertainment and leisure building (planning reference: 19/00097/FUL)


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To comment on this application during the consultation period and until a decision has been issued please email

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Surname/Company Name:

Stratford Garden Development Limited 

Company Contact Name:

Jayne Mcgivern 


Stratford Garden Development Limited, C/O Agent 

Case Officer:

Daniel Davies 

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DP9 Ltd. 

Company Contact Name:

Chris Goddard 


100 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5NQ 

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There are no conditions/reasons for refusal for this application

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Description Filename Doc Type Created Date
Cover Letter MSG Sphere Cover Letter(1).pdf Cover Letter 20-Mar-2019
Advertisement Design Statement Advertisement Design Statement.pdf Report 20-Mar-2019
Design and Access Statement_chapter 1 190214_Design and Access Statement_chapter 1(1).pdf Report 20-Mar-2019
Design and Access Statement_chapter 2 190214_Design and Access Statement_chapter 2(1).pdf Report 20-Mar-2019
Design and Access Statement_chapter 3 190214_Design and Access Statement_chapter 3(1).pdf Report 20-Mar-2019
Design and Access Statement_chapter 4 190214_Design and Access Statement_chapter 4(1).pdf Report 20-Mar-2019
Design and Access Statement_chapter 5 190214_Design and Access Statement_chapter 5(1).pdf Report 20-Mar-2019
Design and Access Statement_chapter 6 190214_Design and Access Statement_chapter 6(1).pdf Report 20-Mar-2019
Design and Access Statement_chapter 7 190214_Design and Access Statement_chapter 7(1).pdf Report 20-Mar-2019
Design and Access Statement_chapter 8 190214_Design and Access Statement_chapter 8(1).pdf Report 20-Mar-2019
Design and Access Statement_chapter 9 190214_Design and Access Statement_chapter 9(1).pdf Report 20-Mar-2019
CiL Form CIL Form(1).pdf Application Form 20-Mar-2019
Application Form ApplicationFormNoPersonalDataV2.pdf Application Form 20-Mar-2019
London_City_18.04.2019.pdf General Comment 23-Apr-2019
Natural England 17.04.2019 Natural_England_17.04.2019.pdf General Comment 23-Apr-2019
029 Neighbour Response 29.04.2019_Redacted 029_Neighbour_Response_29.04.2019_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 30-Apr-2019
031 Neighbour Response 29.04.2019_Redacted 031_Neighbour_Response_29.04.2019_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 30-Apr-2019
037 Neighbour Response 05.05.2019_Redacted 037_Neighbour_Response_05.05.2019_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 13-May-2019
038 Neighbour Response 08.05.2019_Redacted 038_Neighbour_Response_08.05.2019_Redacted.pdf General Comment 13-May-2019
041 Neighbour Response 05.04.2019_Redacted 041_Neighbour_Response_05.04.2019_Redacted.pdf Support Comment 13-May-2019
045 Neighbour Response 10.05.2019_Redacted 045_Neighbour_Response_10.05.2019_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 13-May-2019
051 Neighbour Response 20.05.2019_Redacted 051_Neighbour_Response_20.05.2019_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 28-May-2019
054 Neighbour Response 23.05.2019_Redacted 054_Neighbour_Response_23.05.2019_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 28-May-2019
056 Neighbour Response 28.05.2019_Redacted 056_Neighbour_Response_28.05.2019_Redacted.pdf Support Comment 28-May-2019
HSL 06.06.2019 HSL_06.06.2019.pdf General Comment 10-Jun-2019
Neighbour Response 062_Neighbour_Response_05.06.2019_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 11-Jun-2019
Neighbour Response 066_Neighbour_Response_07.06.2019_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 11-Jun-2019
Neighbour Response 103_Neighbour_Response_10.06.2019_Redacted.pdf Support Comment 11-Jun-2019
Neighbour Response 108_Neighbour_Response_10.06.2019_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 11-Jun-2019
Neighbour Response 110_Neighbour_Response_10.06.2019_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 11-Jun-2019
111 Neighbour Response 11.06.2019_Redacted 111_Neighbour_Response_11.06.2019_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 11-Jun-2019
London Fire Brigade Consultation Response 27.06.19 London_Fire_Brigade_27.06.19.pdf General Comment 27-Jun-2019
LBTH 27.06.2019 LBTH_27.06.2019.pdf Objection Comment 02-Jul-2019
Network Rail 09.07.2019 Network_Rail_09.07.2019.pdf General Comment 16-Jul-2019
UEL 10.07.2019 UEL_10.07.2019.pdf Support Comment 16-Jul-2019
LBN Final Response 18.07.19 LBN_Final_Respomse_18.07.19.pdf General Comment 23-Jul-2019
LB Waltham Forest 26 July 2019 CR-LBWF-19-0098-ADV.pdf 09-Aug-2019
TFL 25 July 2019 CR-TFL-19-0098-ADV.pdf 09-Aug-2019
GLA Stage 1 09.07.2019 GLA_Stage_1_09.07.2019.pdf General Comment 03-Sep-2019
LB Hackney 19.06.2019 #2 LB_Hackney_19.06.2019_#2.pdf Objection Comment 03-Sep-2019
LBWF 24.07.2019 LBWF_24.07.2019.pdf General Comment 03-Sep-2019
Royal Borough of Greenwich 28.06.2019 Royal_Borough_of_Greenwich_28.06.2019.pdf Objection Comment 03-Sep-2019
Stop MSG Sphere 28.06.2019 Stop_MSG_Sphere_28.06.2019.pdf Objection Comment 03-Sep-2019
Denton 29-06-2019 Denton_29-06-2019.pdf Objection Comment 11-Nov-2019
792 Neighbour Response - 19-00098-ADV - 21.11.2019 792_Neighbour_Response_-_19-00098-ADV_-__21.11.2019.pdf Objection Comment 21-Nov-2019
Advertisment Consent Application - Drawing List Advertisment_Consent_Application_-_Drawing_List.pdf Drawing 04-Dec-2019
MSG-POP-ZX-ZZ-SK-YB-7040 Rev 01 MSG-POP-ZX-ZZ-SK-YB-7040.pdf Drawing 04-Dec-2019
MSG-POP-ZX-ZZ-SK-YB-7043 Rev 01 MSG-POP-ZX-ZZ-SK-YB-7043.pdf Drawing 04-Dec-2019
MSG-POP-ZX-ZZ-SK-YB-7045 Rev 01 MSG-POP-ZX-ZZ-SK-YB-7045.pdf Drawing 04-Dec-2019
MSG-POP-ZX-ZZ-SK-YB-7047 Rev 01 MSG-POP-ZX-ZZ-SK-YB-7047.pdf Drawing 04-Dec-2019
MSG-POP-ZX-ZZ-SK-YB-7049 Rev 01 MSG-POP-ZX-ZZ-SK-YB-7049.pdf Drawing 04-Dec-2019
Advertisement Design Statement November 2019 Advertisement_Design_Statement.pdf Report 05-Dec-2019
MSG - Sphere Cover Letter FINAL November 2019 MSG_-_Sphere_Cover_Letter_FINAL.pdf Cover Letter 05-Dec-2019
CR - Canal River Trust - 19-00098-ADV - 11-12-2019 CR_-_Canal_River_Trust_-_19-00098-ADV_-_11-12-2019.pdf General Comment 12-Dec-2019
Crossrail 17.12.2019 Crossrail_17.12.2019.pdf General Comment 17-Dec-2019
Natural England 23.12.2019 Natural_England_23.12.2019.pdf General Comment 23-Dec-2019
113 Neighbour Response 22.12.2019_Redacted 113_Neighbour_Response__22.12.2019_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 24-Dec-2019
Natural England 23.12.2019 Natural_England_23.12.2019.pdf General Comment 24-Dec-2019
LBTH 20.01.2020 LBTH_20.01.2020.pdf General Comment 20-Jan-2020
811_Neighbour_Response_20.01.2020_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 20-Jan-2020
292a Neighbour Response 27.01.2020_Redacted 292a_Neighbour_Response_27.01.2020_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 27-Jan-2020
813 Neighbour Response Unite Students 27.01.2020 813_Neighbour_Response_Unite_Students_27.01.2020.pdf Objection Comment 27-Jan-2020
814 Neighbour Response 27.01.2020_Redacted 814_Neighbour_Response_27.01.2020_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 27-Jan-2020
815 Neighbour Response 27.01.2020_Redacted 815_Neighbour_Response__27.01.2020_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 28-Jan-2020
816 Neighbour Response 27.01.2020_Redacted 816_Neighbour_Response_27.01.2020_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 28-Jan-2020
474a Neighbour Response 27.01.2020_Redacted 474a_Neighbour_Response__27.01.2020_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 28-Jan-2020
188a Neighbour Response 27.01.2020_Redacted 188a_Neighbour_Response_27.01.2020_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 28-Jan-2020
819 Neighbour Response 27.01.2020_Redacted 819_Neighbour_Response_27.01.2020_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 28-Jan-2020
001a Maryland Community Group 30.12.2019 001a_Maryland_Community_Group_30.12.2019.pdf Objection Comment 28-Jan-2020
18a Neighbour Response 27.01.2020_Redacted 18a_Neighbour_Response_27.01.2020_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 28-Jan-2020
264a Neighbour Response 28.01.2020_Redacted 264a_Neighbour_Response_28.01.2020_Redacted.pdf Objection Comment 28-Jan-2020
Bridges Associate Report Bridges_Associates_Report_-_FULL(70485129_1).pdf Report 04-Mar-2020
449f_Neighbour_Response_-_Dentons_25.02.2020.pdf 04-Mar-2020

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