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Non-Material Amendment (Section 96A applications)

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The Pavilion, Endeavour Square, International Quarter London (IQL), Stratford City Zone 2, London, E15 2EG (Location Map)

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Application under Section 96a of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) to undertake non-material amendments to permission ref. 18/00252/REM dated 13th November 2018, for changes to the external appearance and internal design of the approved Pavilion building comprising: • Rationalisation of the building footprint; • Alterations to the internal, auditorium and roof terrace layout; • Alterations to the roof layout, form, levels and landscaping; • Alterations to the building elevations including the re-orientation of the timber fins; removal of upper floor toilet windows, revision of facet angle; and replacement of a small number of glazing panels with rainscreen cladding; • Security gates on stairs added to plans to align with consented elevations; • Removal of stepping to the upper floor on the west façade; • Addition of glass infills to sections of the balustrade; • Alterations to the roof top plant; and • Alterations to the foundation design.


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Stratford City Business District Ltd (SCBD) 

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International Quarter London (IQL) South, land adjacent to Westfield Avenue, Zone 2 Stratford City, London 

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Josh Hackner 

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Quod Limited 

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Michael Beale 


Ingeni Building, 17 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 0DE 

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Description Filename Doc Type Created Date
ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf Application Form 21-Aug-2019
Cover_Letter.pdf Cover Letter 21-Aug-2019
Design_Report_Part_2.pdf Report 21-Aug-2019
Design_Report_Part3.pdf Report 21-Aug-2019
Design_Report_Part1.pdf Report 21-Aug-2019
Design_Report_Part4.pdf Report 21-Aug-2019
Design_Report_Part5.pdf Report 21-Aug-2019
Design_Report_Part6.pdf Report 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-L00-DR-06-002(1).pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-L00-DR-06-002.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-L00-DR-06-003(1).pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-L00-DR-06-003-Site_Plan.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-L00-DR-06-003.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-L00-DR-06-201(1).pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-L00-DR-06-201-Ground_Level_Plan.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-L00-DR-06-201.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-L01-DR-06-202(1).pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-L01-DR-06-202-First_Level_Plan.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-L01-DR-06-202.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-LB1-DR-06-200(1).pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-LB1-DR-06-200-Basement_Level_Plan.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-LB1-DR-06-200.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-LR1-DR-06-203(1).pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-LR1-DR-06-203-Roof_Level_Plan.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-LR1-DR-06-203.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-LRF-DR-06-204(1).pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-LRF-DR-06-204-Roof_Plan.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-LRF-DR-06-204.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-221(1).pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-221-Section_AA.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-221.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-222(1).pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-222-Section_BB.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-222.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-241(1).pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-241-South-East_Context_Elevation.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-241.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-242(1).pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-242-North_East_Context_Elevation.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-242.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-251(1).pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-251-South_and_East_Elevations.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-251.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-252(1).pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-252-North_and_West_Elevations.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
IQL-A-ACM-PA-XXX-DR-06-252.pdf Drawing 21-Aug-2019
FINAL_Decision_Notice.pdf Decision 08-Nov-2019
Signed_Delegated_Report.pdf Decision 08-Nov-2019

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Name Address Last Letter Date Target Response Date
LB Newham- Planning First Floor Westside, Newham Dockside, 1000 Dockside Road, West Beckton, London, E16 2QU
LLDC- Security and Park Safety Level 10, 1 Stratford Place, Monfichet Road, London, E20 1EJ
LLDC- Park Operations & Venues Level 10, 1 Stratford Place, Montfichet Road, London, E20 1EJ
LLDC Development- Design Level 10, 1 Stratford Place, Monfichet Road, London, E20 1EJ

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